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Thanksgiving Games Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day means three NFL games. It starts at 12:30 Eastern when the Lions play the Bears. At 4:30 Eastern the Cowboys and Eagles play in a huge game with first place in the NFC East on the line. The nightcap is at 8:30 Eastern as the Seahawks and the 49ers face off in another huge game. The two teams are currently tied with Detroit for the last Wild Card spot. Seattle-San Francisco has grown into one of the best and most bitter rivalries in the NFL, and tonight looks like a terrific game with so much at stake on such a big stage.

Unfortunately I hear Philadelphia's starting quarterback had some sort of problem on Thanksgiving two years ago. It's apparently unpleasant for Jets fans, and we are allegedly going to see replays of it. I don't really remember. I was cut off from the outside world two years ago because I was at the Jets-Patriots game.

Leave your thoughts on the Turkey Day games below.