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Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your holiday everyone.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia free images.

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, partly in commemoration of the large harvest feast enjoyed by the Plymouth colonists in 1621, the year of their first New World harvest.  The colonists had a bumper crop that first year, and some of the local natives shared in the feast in what was a short-lived period of peace and good will among the very different populations.  The feast lasted three days and was shared among 90 Native Americans and 53 Plymouth colonists.  The holiday has been celebrated in America since President Abraham Lincoln declared a National Holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863.

The purpose and meaning of the holiday is clear from its name: it is a day to give thanks for life's blessings.  Here at GGN we as Jets fans have not been blessed with a lot to give thanks for with respect to our favorite team.  Nonetheless, there is much to be deeply grateful for.  In addition to our own personal gratitude for the things that provide each of our lives with meaning and blessings, on behalf of the GGN staff I would like to express our deep and abiding gratitude for each and every one of you in the GGN community.  Whether you are a frequent commenter, just an occasional commenter, or simply enjoy reading the content here at GGN, you are all what makes GGN the special place it is.  Without you we would just be a few crazy rabid Jets fans talking to ourselves. With you we are, though it may be immodest to say so, the best darn Jets site on the interwebs.  So please, all of you at GGN, accept our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for reading our content and adding your own.  Thank you for commenting, discussing, debating, suffering losses, rejoicing wins, joking and laughing with us.  Thank you for making writing for this site the wonderfully rewarding experience it is.  Thank you for being crazy rabid Jets fans right there with us.  You make this place great, and we are greatly appreciative.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.