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Under Pressure - The Jets Line Has Major Problems

Last night we saw the Jets embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills. The Jets were beat in every area, none more so than up front.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets surrendered 7 sacks last night and in truth it could and should have been more. Now let me start by saying the Bills pass rush is fantastic, with the likes of Hughes and Williams up front it's always going to be a tough match-up for the Jets. However we didn't foresee the amount of ineptitude we would witness. So if you're a gluten for punishment like me, lets take a look at the two Mario Williams sacks

1- Mario Williams drops Vick for a 6 yard loss on 1st and goal

Mario Williams 1

We're in a good set up here, we have tight-end Jeff Cumberland lined up opposite Mario Williams and the running back is lined up to the blindside of Michael Vick as well. I thought we were running the ball here, and the formation suggests as much as well.

Mario Williams 2

There is something about this play right here that doesn't make sense. The running back crosses Vick and sets up for a short dump off. Jeff Cumberland gets a clean release off the line and doesn't chip Mario Williams (why you don't chip him, I'll never know. Willie Colon goes for the chop block on the interior lineman to trip him (You can see him falling) and Breno gets into a good position to counter Mario Williams.

Now here comes the problem:

Williams 3

Breno doesn't think Colon has done enough on the interior rusher and chooses to ensure he is down completely. Unfortunately by doing this he allows Mario Williams a clean shot around the outside corner, Breno doesn't have the speed to react and Williams chases down Vick from the backside and trips him up for a loss. Who's this sack on? Colon for only half blocking his man or Breno for leaving Williams to ensure the interior rusher is down? As a lineman you are always taught to block the man who has the most direct route to the quarterback.  It looked to me as though Colon had done enough and Breno should have completed his assignment by blocking Mario on the outside.

2- Mario Williams drops Vick for a loss of 9 yards on 2nd and 6

Lets move on to the second sack, now we know the strength of Mario Williams we are surely going to scheme towards stopping him. After all, this is one of the premier pass rushers in the NFL and he's on a fast indoor track that only makes him faster.

So it's no surprise to see us stack the line on the right hand side

Mario Williams 2

Well we decide in our infinite wisdom to double team Williams with Jeff Cumberland, a tight end who can't block to save his life and a rookie who's probably never seen a defensive end with so much power and so much pace. Unsurprisingly the tight ends show absolutely no technique at all, leave a massive gap between each other and this happens:

Mario Williams 2

Vick is in danger and he has absolutely nowhere to go with it

Mario Williams 3