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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 12

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

This week brings the unfortunate return of GGN's anti-game ball.

I have tried to make this a dishonor strictly given to players so Rex Ryan will not get it, even if he would deserve it.

Instead my anti-game ball goes to Michael Vick. Vick only completed 7 of his 19 passes for 79 yards. He threw an interception. He was lucky he didn't have 3 or 4. He wasn't moving well in the pocket or on his scrambles. He wasn't setting his feet. He wasn't reading defenses effectively. One might even say he was Genotastic.

A team can't win with a quarterback playing like that. Unfortunately I feel like I have been writing that sentence a lot over the past six years. This was the first time I have written it about Vick.

Vick did a lot of damage last night to any argument he should return in 2014.

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