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Bills 38 Jets 3: More Misery

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Despite having two weeks to prepare for this game and facing an opponent whose practice schedule was in tatters, the Jets lost by five touchdowns tonight. New York is 2-9 in the 2014 NFL season after an absurd 38-3 loss in Detroit against the Buffalo Bills. Let's recap the lowlights below.

The Bad:

Rex Ryan: The head coach has to top the list on a night like this. The Bills looked like the team with two weeks to prepare, and the Jets looked like the team that lost practice time this week. Buffalo controlled the game from the start. The Jets looked listless. Nothing the Jets tried on offense worked. None of the fronts or zones the Jets threw at Buffalo confused Kyle Orton. There was an absurd sequence where the Jets took a delay of game and followed it with being forced to take a timeout to avoid another. There was another bad penalty on a bad substitution. It's the same stuff over and over, and it never gets fixed. How many times is this team going to look totally unprepared for a game?

Marty Mornhinweg: I don't like getting on Mornhinweg because I don't think he's as big of a problem as people make him out to be, but I really didn't understand the game he called. On the Jets' only scoring drive, they got into the red zone on runs of 5, 4, 13, and 7. Then they called passes on two of the next three plays, and the drive stalled. With the offense struggling, why no attempts to get the ball to Percy Harvin in space to create a spark? How about a screen, a sweep, or an end around?

Michael Vick: Vick looked like he wanted no part of this game. He was off from the start. His reads were bad. He wasn't setting his feet. He wasn't seeing defenders. His passes were wildly off the mark, none more notable than the one right before the half to Eric Decker that could have been a game-changing touchdown. He didn't protect the ball. There easily could have been three or four interceptions. Even when he ran, it looked like he wasn't keeping his eyes down the field. He just wanted to get to the sideline as quickly as possible.

Darrin Walls: It's tough to tell what to do with Walls. When he plays off, he gives too much of a cushion. If he challenges a receiver, he isn't physical so he is easily beaten. Even when he is in good coverage, he doesn't look for the ball. Robert Woods had 9 catches for 118 yards, largely on Walls. Kyle Orton also missed two passes where Walls was soundly beaten that would have been big plays.

Jaiquawn Jarrett: The only impact the hero from two weeks ago made was getting beaten on the block that led to the blocked punt.

David Harris: It looked like the first touchdown was his man.

Demario Davis: On the second touchdown, it looked like he didn't drop deep enough into his zone, giving Orton a big passing lane.

Eric Decker: The overthrow was mainly Vick's fault, but Decker still had a shot at it.

Percy Harvin: Minimal impact on offense and only averaged 16 yards per kick return.

Antonio Allen: He missed a tackle and then took a horrible angle on the final Buffalo score, opening the path to the end zone.

Offensive Line: Seven sacks tell the story. You had D'Brickshaw Ferguson and Oday Aboushi getting soundly beaten. Aboushi missed a block on a screen. Breno Giacomini had multiple penalties. I'll spare you from going on.

In the seven seasons of GGN, there has only been one game where we left an entire section empty. We had a good section in 2010 after 45-3 in Foxborough. We did again on Thanksgiving 2012. I just can't justify putting anybody in The Good tonight. Geno Smith played well, but that was in garbage time. Marcus Williams didn't get beaten, but I suspect it was because the Bills kept going after Walls. Williams might get too much praise for this...just as Walls did when teams were relentlessly attacking Antonio Allen.

There just isn't anything good to say about this game or this team.

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