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Jets vs. Bills Final Score: Buffalo Wins 38-3

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I get the feeling there is a large portion of this fanbase that doesn't think Rex Ryan deserves any blame for how awful this season has been. The theory goes that John Idzik did a lousy job putting the team together.

I don't disagree that Idzik has done a poor job, but this isn't an either-or situation. Tonight I think the last credible claim that Rex Ryan bears no responsibility went out the window.

The Jets were blown out by a team whose schedule was thrown way off. They were blown out by a team that had a home game taken away from it. They were blown out by a team that had to miss practice. They were blown out by a team full of players worried about friends and family. Worst of all, they were blown out by this team when they had two weeks to prepare for this game.

If you can't see that Rex Ryan is a big part of the problem after this, I don't know what to tell you. This is not a defense of the job Idzik has done. If you have read what I have written since March, you know I have major issues with the general manager. This 38-3 loss was so stunningly bad that I'm not sure I can come up with a single reason Rex should still be allowed to coach this team next week. Let me take one thing back. It wasn't stunningly bad. We have seen it over and over under this head coach.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up later.