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Jets @ Bills Game Day Forecast

Near miraculous weather for football in Detroit.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets will be visiting the Bills tonight at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  Kickoff is scheduled for 7 pm EST.  Despite the game being played in late November in Detroit, near miraculous weather conditions will prevail.  Skies will be perfectly clear, without a single cloud all night, yet neither the moon nor any stars will be visible, and it will be as bright as a summer's day.  Game time temperatures will be 72 degrees at kickoff and will not vary so much as a single degree all night long.  Humidity will be a constant and comfortable 45%.  There won't be so much as a hint of a breeze, and the chance of precipitation is less than the chance I will walk on the moon today.   This season has seen week after week of glorious football weather, and tonight the weather will be more perfect than any game yet.  Who would've thunk it in late November in Detroit?  It's a Festivus miracle!   Enjoy the game everyone. Hopefully we can all enjoy a third Jets win right around 10:15 PM.