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Jets vs. Bills: How Well Can Vick Manipulate Buffalo With the Snap Count?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills have had a chaotic week. Their practice schedule was thrown off. This can manifest itself on the field  This sometimes manifests itself with sloppy play on game day.

Buffalo has been a team prone to taking presnap penalties on defense. The Bills have 10 such penalties to date this season, tied for fifth most in the league. Combined with the erratic week of preparation, it might leave an opportunity for a veteran quarterback like Michael Vick to manipulate the Bills with his snap count. If he's effective, there might be free plays and free yardage to gain. Maybe he can catch Buffalo overly aggressive and get them to show what they are doing too soon, providing an opportunity to change the play.

It bears watching to see how effective Vick is doing this. While it likely will not have a major impact on the outcome, perhaps the Jets can gain a small advantage tomorrow night at Ford Field.