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New York Jets: The Fast Track

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When the game this week was still to be played in Buffalo, I assumed that it would be a low-scoring, ground-and-pound affair. The weather and conditions of the field indicated it'd be a slow slog on the ground. However, with the game now located in Detroit, my thinking has changed. Ford Field is an indoor stadium with a turf field, and has what's commonly referred to as a "fast track." As the turf doesn't "give" like a normal dirt-and-grass field, it's easier for players to move faster, thus giving it the name. Since it's indoors, the conditions are perfect.

This should play into the hands of certain players. Percy Harvin, for one. Sammy Watkins, as a counter-balance. It should also help both defensive lines, as it's easier to get out of their stance and rush the passer on a fast track. Speed rushers in particular love a fast track, and you can be sure it's much more likely we'll see Michael Vick rip off a big gain on the ground. As a result, this is something to keep an eye on. With the field and conditions, we're more likely to see a high-flying game, or at least more speed, than we'd see in a game mired in mud and snow. The fast track of Ford Field should play an important role in this game.