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Jets vs. Bills: Will Detroit Give the Jets a Home Field Advantage?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Bills defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is not a very popular guy in the city of Detroit. The former Lions head coach left the team under bad terms. Detroit fans grew to like Schwartz even less earlier this year when he was carried off the field per his request by Bills players after a victory over the Lions.

Detroit was not amused, and some want payback.

The Detroit sports radio station 105.1 started an initiative for local fans to take advantage of the free tickets being offered and wear green in support of the Jets so Lions faithful can get in the head of Bills defensive coordinator and former Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.

"This Monday, #Detroit wears green to Ford Field to turn Jim Schwartz' "home" game into a road game. #GreenMonday," the station tweeted on its @DSports1051 account.

Given the state of the team, this actually might be the most supportive crowd the Jets have for the rest of the season.