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Who Is the Jets' Unsung Hero?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Faulk wants to know the unsung hero of the Jets.

I think for the Jets this season the answer is Nick Mangold. Center isn't a position that gets much attention, and the struggles of the offense have obscured what a terrific year Nick is having. Pro Football Focus has Mangold responsible for only 5 disruptions (sacks, hits, and hurries) this season. That is second fewest in the league among centers who have taken half of their team's snaps. Jason Kelce of Philadelphia is the only one with less, and he has played only 231 snaps to Mangold's 402. Mangold has also done really nice work in the run game.

What makes his play really impressive is the Jets have gotten some of the worst guard play in the league so Nick has had little help.

The past few years there had been some deterioration in Mangold's play. In 2014 we are seeing vintage Mangold, and he is once again among the best in the league.

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