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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There is quite a snowstorm brewing in Buffalo, New York at the moment. There's currently a driving ban in the city, and this is why:

Buffalo is currently under approximately five feet of snow, and three more feet are expected over the next few days. Numerous drivers have been stuck and unable to leave their cars, and some are being pulled out unconscious. Firefighters are carrying people to hospitals.

As a result, the Buffalo Bills are unable to practice, and it isn't quite clear if the stadium will be cleared in time for the game. According to the Bills, they are preparing as if it will happen. However, according to Peter King, the ultimate decision is up to the league on whether or not to cancel or reschedule the game.

Personally, I hope they don't cancel the game. I think the most logical scenario is to simply play it at MetLife Stadium as a doubleheader Monday Night Football game. Since the New York Giants play on Sunday night, this will give the stadium some time to make the switch and prepare. It's unfortunate that the Bills would lose a home game, but a primetime game is a nice consolation.

Of course, I doubt that happens. Most likely, the game will go on and they'll find some way to clear the stadium, parking lots, and highways of snow. The game will probably go on as planned. But in case it can't, the league needs to find a backup solution, because canceling the game will cause a headache of epic proportions.