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John Idzik's Greatest Hits and Biggest Fails

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that most people, at this point, have concluded that John Idzik has been a failure thus far as the New York Jets General Manager. Whether you don't believe in his plan or believe he's failed in implementing it, there seems to be a consensus from fans that he's done a poor job.

What I want to highlight are three things that Idzik has done well, and three things he's done poorly. I'm sure the first comment will be that he's done far more than three things poorly, so these are just his biggest mistakes, in my opinion. Feel free to disagree below.

Greatest Hits

1. Percy Harvin/Chris Ivory - Depending on how you view the Harvin trade, I'm starting off on a controversial note. Whether or not you think Harvin is a waste of resources, he's a playmaker on a team that has desperately needed one for a while. Ivory has become the punishing back we hoped Shonn Greene would be, and has been one of the bright spots on a bad team. Both were acquired by trade.

2. Sheldon Richardson/Jace Amaro - The two best draft picks of the Idzik era. Richardson has already become possibly the second best player on the team, after Muhammad Wilkerson. He's sure to be a dynamic player for years to come. Amaro, as we've recently discussed, has also been a bright spot on a struggling offense. He's playing at a phenomenal clip, especially for a rookie on an offense that's had, shall we say, quarterback issues.

3. Eric Decker - Despite Decker's early season injuries, he's been an excellent wide receiver. He demands additional coverage and, in spite of this, has still played reasonably well, considering the injury and the struggling quarterbacks. Whether or not you think he's a "#1 receiver," he's still the best WR the team has had in a long time.

Biggest Fails

1. Vontae Davis/Alterraun Verner/Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - If the team had a legitimate player at cornerback, I think this entire season would be completely different. Perhaps if Dee Milliner or Dexter McDougle weren't injured, the team wouldn't be in this situation. Regardless, it's impossible to say that Idzik adequately addressed the position. Idzik was interested in the above three players, but wasn't able to land any of them. Perhaps if he had, the team would be looking at the playoffs.

2. Geno Smith - Coming into the season, the team evidently thought that Smith had turned the page and built off the end of last season. They thought he was going to be a franchise quarterback. Whether or not you agreed with them at the time, and I did, missing on a quarterback is by definition one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

3. The NFL Draft - It's fair to say that the returns from Idzik's draft picks have been disappointing. From 2013, only Richardson, and perhaps Oday Aboushi, is truly producing. Milliner has been consistently injured, and Smith has been a disappointment. So has Brian Winters, and although Tommy Bohanon looked a little better than last season, he's currently injured as well. From 2014, Calvin Pryor has struggled in a new role, and while Amaro looks good, almost the rest of the twelve-man draft are either injured or off the team.

Let's hear your thoughts below. I'm sure we'll get plenty of "John Idzik sucks," "John Idzik must be fired," etc. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list of the good and bad things he's done, just the top three. Let us know what you'd change below.