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Are the Jets Using Jarrett Differently Than Pryor?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I stumbled across a stat today that I found a bit puzzling. Calvin Pryor only lined up in the box on 27 run snaps over the first nine weeks of the season. Against Pittsburgh Jaiquawn Jarrett was in the box on 6 snaps. Pryor was in the box of 17.9% of snaps against the run. Jarrett was for 35.3%.

Now one thing to realize is this might be the result of a small sample size skewing things for Jarrett. It does seem a bit odd. Pryor's strength is supposed to be making plays in the box yet the Jets have barely deployed him there. You could argue they have needed to deploy him deep. There are two problems with that argument. First of all, he has handled that assignment poorly and been on the business end of many long touchdowns where he took a bad angle. Second, Jarrett got his start against what was then the hottest passing attack in the league.

It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues because it does not make a ton of sense on the first look.