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Should The Jets Pursue CFL Star Duron Carter?

The Jets are hardly stacked at the receiver position, however if we do choose to keep Harvin, that will mean we go into the 2015 season with Decker, Harvin and Kerley, but there is always room for one more at the inn.


Earlier today I saw this article about Chris Carter's son Duron Carter, and how at the end of the CFL season, he will become eligible to discuss terms with any NFL franchise. Some teams were mentioned like the Colts, Seahawks and 49'ers but I ask the question, should the Jets be interested?

We all know Chris Carter the Hall of Famer. 1101 receptions, 13,899 receiving yards and 130 touchdowns. One of the finest without a shadow of a doubt. He also played for Buddy Ryan while a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Now his son is trying to break into the NFL after a tough road that led him down many paths he didn't want to take.

Duron was a heavily recruited player coming out of St Thomas Aquinas high school in Florida, a 4 star recruit he was commended for his advanced route running ability, safe hands, and ability to be a factor in the red-zone. He went on to enroll at both Alabma and Florida Atlantic but never played a snap for them. He struggled through academic problems. According to the article I posted above, he can be high maintenance and needs to be closely monitored

However before he enrolled at either Alabama or Florida International, Duron chose to enroll at Ohio State, the same college as his father. Unfortunately after only a cameo experience he was ruled academically ineligible and had to move on to community college where he was an outstanding performer catching 10 TD's for Coffeyville Community College. At the end of his college career, he had spent 4 years at 4 different schools and tried to break through in the NFL with little experience.

Unfortunately for him, nobody wanted to take that gamble. He went undrafted and was invited to camp by the Minnesota Vikings where he failed to receive an offer. He decided to travel to the CFL to mature as a person and as a player and it seems as though that has really worked.

In 2013 he caught 49 passes for 909 yards and 5 touchdowns, that's an amazing average of 18.6. He followed up a strong 2013 season with an even better 2014 season recording 75 catches for 1030 yards and 7 touchdowns. There has been little off-field issues and if you watch him on the gridiron, you'd understand why he was once considered a top 10 prospect.

In the next few weeks, he will become a free agent. at 6-5 and 205lb's he will be a hot commodity with several NFL teams. His off the field 'problems' would not deter me from approaching him at all. We could get him at a low risk, high reward price to compliment what we already have. If I were GM of the Jets, I'd be making that call.