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New York Jets: Our Rookie Tight End Is Better than Your Rookie Tight End

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, David Wyatt provided an excellent look into how the rookie wide receivers are doing. I wanted to provide a similar update as to the New York Jets second round pick, tight end Jace Amaro. Amaro, as we have said before, has had a historic start to his rookie year. That has only continued. In this article, we'll compare Amaro's numbers to the rookie tight ends and some all-time great tight ends' rookie seasons.

Jace Amaro 34 291 2 123 4 4
Austin Seferian-Jenkins 19 205 2 39 2 0
Eric Ebron 14 125 1 64 1 1

Despite the two other listed tight ends being drafted above Amaro, he's still performing far and away above them. Now, part of their problem is that it's difficult to get targets when you have say, Vincent Jackson and Calvin Johnson ahead of you. However, neither team can truly say they've had as many difficulties at the quarterback position as the Jets. In any case, Amaro is far and away above the two other premier rookies.

Aaron Hernandez 44 563 6
Rob Gronkowski 42 546 10
Jace Amaro 54 466 3
Antonio Gates 24 389 2
Jimmy Graham 31 356 5
Jason Witten 35 347 1
Vernon Davis 20 265 3

Amaro's numbers in this chart are prorated out to the end of the season. A player's rookie season is, of course, not a guarantee for the rest of their career, however it seems clear that thus far, Amaro is having a great, and underrated, season compared to some of the best in the league (and prison yard, including Hernandez).

Even in a bad year, there are still things to be hopeful for as we look towards the future.