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NCAA College Gameday Open Thread

Good morning college football fans, we have a fantastic day of college ball ahead of us with a lot of great match-ups with far reaching consequences. I'm here to give you just a couple of players to watch today and talk through some of the big games.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are on a bye week so to manage your football fix, why not tune into a little college ball today and see the stars of tomorrow. There are a few games I'm looking forward to, obviously on a personal level I'll be watching the Northwestern game against Notre Dame and with Ole Miss on a bye week, I'll have time to focus on a few other games today.

There really is only one place to start today and that's #1 Mississippi State @ #5 Alabama. There is a ridiculous amount of talent on the field today and I'll be keeping an eye on the Alabama offense with QB Blake Sims, RB T.J Yeldon and WR Amari Cooper. However I'll also be keeping an eye on Derrick Henry, the Sophomore who is running at 5.0 yards a click this year. Mississippi State will be looking to QB Dak Prescott to beat the heavily favored Roll Tide. Last week I watched Alabama/LSU and loved what they were doing on the defensive side of the ball and the man that stood out to me was Reggie Ragland, 67 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 interception, I'll be watching him closely. I actually think Mississippi State can win this game, however Prescott will need to have one of his good days. If he plays like he did against Texas A&M (76.9% completion, 2 touchdowns, 0 inteceptions, 3 rushing touchdowns) then they have a shot, if he plays like he did against Arkansas (66.7% completion, 1 TD, 2 INT) then they won't have a chance.

The other game I'll be focusing on is the Ohio State @ Minnesota game, two ranked teams who I've yet to see this year. Minnesota are coming off a very impressive win against Iowa last week (51-14) and someone has asked me to check out Sophomore Maxx Williams. He's only caught 22 balls all season, but 7 of those have resulted in touchdowns. He's a big target at 6'4, so I'm looking forward to seeing just how good he is. Ohio State are 8-1 this season and J.T Barrett looks as though he has a ton of potential, a freshman throwing for 26 touchdowns and 7 interceptions so far, I want to take a good look at him.

Other good match-ups to keep an eye one:

#19 Clemson @ #22 Georgia Tech

#16 Nebraska @ #20 Wisconsin

#23 Utah @ Stanford

#9 Auburn @ #15 Georgia

#17 LSU @ Arkansas

For those wanting to keep up with the whole Mariota/Winston discussion, Mariota and Oregon are on a bye week this week and will return to play next week against Colorado. Winston and his undefeated Florida State team will take on the 6-3 Miami Hurricanes later this evening.