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Percy Harvin At Peace With The Jets

He may not have the chance at another Superbowl this year, but after so much negative energy, Percy Harvin is at peace with the Jets.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit to being a bit of a Percy Harvin fan, I loved watching him in Florida, I loved watching him in Minnesota, I loved watching him in Seattle and I'm definitely loving him as a member of the Jets. Percy has a Superbowl to his name, a pro bowl appearances and a rookie of the year trophy adorning his mantlepiece, oh and he's only 26 years old.

Percy isn't the best receiver in the league, but he does make any offense dangerous and he was the perfect acquisition for the Jets for a price that will prove to be quite low. John Idzik may not be on many Jets fans Christmas list this year, but I believe he made an excellent move in bringing Harvin over from Seattle.

He was traded following rumored reports that he was constantly at loggerheads with teammates. So far with the Jets, his teammates are not seeing that, in fact they are seeing the opposite.

"The things that have been put out there about him, the things that have been said, we don't see it," quarterback Michael Vick said.

Harvin won't talk about his time in Seattle? That's not a bad thing, he's putting that tumultuous time behind him and focusing on his future, and the way he talks, that future is in New York with the Jets.

"I absolutely like it," he said. "I'm enjoying myself. My family is loving it. I'm loving the teammates. It's all been good. It's been very smooth."

"I'm just at peace," he said. "I'm just able to come in and play football and not worry about the outside stuff. I'm loving it right now. It's been all peace, and all good for me.

"I'm all good."

If we can keep Harvin happy on a 2-8 team, I'm confident we can keep him happy when we start winning. Now let me just say that this relationship is three weeks old. When everyone else is against you, it's easy for the team to come together. There is a brotherhood about us against the world.

Harvin has 174 receiving yards and 251 yards from kick-offs in 2014 with the Jets. He has yet to hit full stride and his contract will need to be addressed if he hopes to stay with the Jets. However at least for now, we're happy to have him and he's happy to be here.