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Michael Vick Not Focused On Next Year

It really is amazing what one game can do for a franchise and for a QB who isn't getting any younger.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick completed 10 passes on Sunday for under 200 yards. However that's all he needed to do, that and throw two touchdowns and not record a single turnover. Funnily enough, not turning the ball over means you have a chance to win. Vick has guaranteed a start after the bye week against the Buffalo Bills and now people are starting to ask the question "At age 34, can Michael Vick play quarterback for the Jets in 2015?"

There is still a lot of football to be played and there is a chance that he'll end the season the same as Geno started it. However it does raise some serious questions. If Vick can get the Jets on a little run and we finish 3-3 or 4-2, should he come back to New York next year as a stopgap while we develop either Geno Smith or another quarterback we draft?

"Like I said, I like it here in New York, it's been great, but I can't predetermine or make a decision on what's going to happen,'' Vick said when asked if he would prefer to stay with the Jets if he could.

"Because the minute you start setting your sights on something, or you want something too much, then if it doesn't happen for you, then it's a big disappointment. So, I just like to go with the flow, whatever happens, then the decisions will be made at the appropriate time.''

No wiser words have ever been spoken. Vick is a self-aware man, and he knows that to even be invited back, he'll need to maintain his current performance level. Why would you focus on next year when you're not guaranteed to finish the season as the starter. However Vick became the first ever QB to rush for over 6,000 yards on Sunday, as he showed an ability to recognize the coverage and take whatever yardage the defense were giving him. Benched Jets QB Geno Smith was watching from the sideline, and lets hope he was taking notes too.

The fans are not the only ones asking the question, it seems as though it's been raised in the Jets locker room, Percy Harvin is quoted from the AP Wire:

"Man, absolutely. Actually, me and C.J. [Chris Johnson] were just talking about it today. Just look at all the pieces and all the talent that we have. It'll be nice to end the season on a nice run and have something to build upon in the offseason.''

Is it really surprising to hear two players from an offense talking about wanting to keep the QB who gives them a chance to win? Absolutely not. Vick obviously has a lot left in the legs and if we can actually keep him upright in the pocket, the strength of his arm will shine. The problems with Vick come when he tries to throw on the run. We saw that against Pittsburgh where he was rolling to his left and he tried to force a ball into coverage, it didn't have the mustard or accuracy and in truth it should have been intercepted. However when he was given time in the pocket, he looked comfortable.

What do the Jets do?

They have Michael Vick, Geno Smith and Matt Simms. It's obvious to me that Simms will never be a stating QB in this league, he just doesn't have the skill-set to succeed in the national football league.

Can Geno Smith resurrect his stumbling career? We can't forget that he is only a 2nd year QB, however we also can't forget that Geno continues to make the same mistakes week in and week out. Geno has thrown 31 interceptions in one and a half years worth of starting action, which is of course worrying, but is it really time to give up on him?

I know a lot of fans have already seen enough, and my head is saying he hasn't shown anything to suggest he's going to be a franchise quarterback. However It's also saying that he never had time to sit and learn the game. He's been thrust into starting action immediately and now he's getting time to hold a clipboard, look and learn from a veteran and then when the time is ready, hopefully he can come back in and do a job. This benching is the best thing that could possibly happen to Geno.

Personally I would bring Vick back for another year. Let Geno sit the rest of this season, and then let him compete and try and unseat Vick during the off-season. If he does then great, if not, he'll have more time to sit and watch. I'd get rid of Simms and draft a QB in the middle rounds of the 2015 NFL draft and let him learn from the sidelines.

This shouldn't stop the Jets from drafting a top tier QB if he happens to fall into their laps. However with Vick, I think we'll win a couple more games this year and end up picking around 7-8. Unfortunately the two top QB's will be off the board by then.

For the moment, Vick's not thinking about it:

"Whether I am in the plans or not, that is the future. I am not going to try to predict that,'' he said. "The only thing I can do is control what I can control and that's the next game . . .

"I am happy with whatever the situation may be. I understand the type of business we are in. I am just going to keep pushing to get better, that's it.''