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Victory Leap Was Bush League, Lets Move On

I was surprised to see Steelers safety Mike Mitchell try and disrupt a kneel play by leaping over the trenches as the clock ticked down on Sunday, however it's time to move on.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The game was won and the Jets were in a victory formation, Michael Vick just needed to take the snap, take a knee and the victory was complete. However Steelers safety Mike Mitchell didn't see it that way and needless to say the Jets weren't happy about it.

Here is the play for anyone who has yet to see it:

At the time I thought it was a bush league move, we'd have a little skirmish and then back to normal. However a couple of days after the incident occurred we still seem to be talking about. It was dangerous and disappointing, but nobody got hurt so lets move on. Rex Ryan wasn't happy about it:

"I thought that was kind of bush league," Ryan said. "I can understand it in a short yardage situation and you would've praised the guy for timing it and all that stuff.

There's no question. But in that part of the game, where we're just kneeling on it and things like that, I was surprised by it to say the least and disappointed."

He didn't believe it was down to Mike Tomlin and he was right. Today Tomlin was asked about the play and he said he nodded to Mitchell without hearing the question. Mitchell was presumably asking whether to take the leap and took the nod to mean he was given the go-ahead.

At the end of the day it was a dumb move by Mitchell but no harm came of it. In fact we got to see what Nick Mangold would look like if he ever joined the WWE! It was a funny moment for Jets fans in the end and now we can put it to bed and move on