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GIF Breakdown: Sweet, Sweet Victory

We won? We won!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time since the New York Jets won a game, so it's been a long time since we had some fun GIFs to take a look at. As a result, I decided to go all out this time, so here are eight amazing GIFs that cover every touchdown, fumble, sack, and interception. With the exception of one GIF, I'm not going to do a detailed X's and O's breakdown because I want everyone to just sit back and enjoy this one.

I mentioned that I wanted to highlight one GIF, and this last one is it. I think it reflects the kind of day the Jets had against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jaiquawn Jarrett later said that he saw Ben Roethlisberger pointing Markus Wheaton upfield, so he knew where the ball would be. Throughout the game, the Jets were one step ahead of the Steelers. They knew where the Steelers would be and continually got there before Pittsburgh. This play is an example of that. Enjoy the win; victory has rarely tasted so sweet.