GGN Thread About Nothing #116: Swiftly now, or Waiting in Vain...

Heyhey TANfantulas. Here's the latest greatest coolest place on the internet, the latest edition of the Thread about Nothing. There's nowhere else, is there? I am pretty sure it's the only thing worth doing on a bye week. That or we can watch Mark Sanchez out of morbid curiosity?

Here's the rules.

1) No politics, no personal attacks, no excessive swearing, no porn, no graphic violence/ gore. Period.

2) The mods have ultimate, mind boggling authority. Sp0rtsfan86 and I are the TAN mods. If we or any other moderators or editors say drop it, let it go. Please don't argue with us. We have final say, period.

3) If a topic is borderline we will warn you. Don't argue. Accept it and move on.

4) If there is a problem email sp0rtsfan86 at or Smackdad at We'll try to work something out so that we don't have issues. We promise you will remain anonymous.

The music selection in this post is as follows. First up is a cover of my favorite song off the new Taylor Swift album. The original in its intended state is being kept off of youtube by industry ne'er-do-wells, but this cover is nice too. Original is a bit faster paced and more powerful. I'm sure you can find it if you're so inclined. It's a really good album, btw. For those of you who like to unwind to 'intended for fun' pop music.

The next song is a cover of Bob Marley's Waiting in Vain by two of my favorite local artists. They both have solo acts but they do shows together often. If fame corresponded with talent, they'd be selling out stadiums.

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