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NY Jets Activate Matt Simms

It Simms like only yesterday this guy was slinging passes for the Jets.

Rich Schultz

The New York Jets have promoted quarterback Matt Simms from the practice squad to the 53 man roster.  Simms, he of the rocket arm but questionable football mind, last played in the NFL in 2013 for the Jets after Geno Smith was benched that year.  His play was less than enthralling.  His promotion to the 53 man roster may indicate that Geno Smith's shoulder injury is a bit more serious than the Jets have disclosed.  If Geno is unable to suit up Simms will be on the active roster Sunday as Michael Vick's backup.  Given Vick's rather fragile body in recent years, it would not be shocking to see Simms inserted into the lineup at some point Sunday afternoon.

After a thoroughly mediocre (read "bad") college career, the strong armed Simms was initially signed as a training camp body by the Jets.  He worked hard, showed some improvement, eventually convinced the Jets that he wasn't just going out there and slinging it as hard as he could in the general direction of a green and white uniform, and wound up making the team after Mark Sanchez went down in the 2013 preseason.  Simms saw limited action in relief of Geno Smith in 2013, then was cut in 2014 training camp when the Jets opted to go with only two quarterbacks.  For Simms fans (all 2 1/2 of you...  you know who you are), it is possible, though unlikely, that this promotion to the 53 man roster could pave the way for an extended tryout later in the season if Vick plays poorly or is injured.

To make room for Simms on the 53 man roster, the Jets released receiver Chris Owusu. The release of Owusu may come as a surprise to many Jets fans, as it was unclear from his contributions to the team whether he was ever actually on the 53 man roster in the first place.

Simms fans feel free to rejoice below.