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Jets @ Chiefs: Five Bold Predictions

Why, I'd like nothing better than to achieve some bold adventure, worthy of our trip. - Aristophanes

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer:  A Bold Prediction is not something that is likely or probable to happen. Bold Predictions are guesses that are beyond what anyone can reasonably expect to happen, but not so far as to be physically impossible. Saying that Geno Smith is going to throw for 162 yards and one touchdown is not a bold prediction, nor is saying that Chris Johnson will run for 423 yards and eight touchdowns. By definition, Bold Predictions are unlikely, but possible, to occur.  Since this is a Jets site, they are also pro-Jets predictions. As always, the Final Score prediction is meant to be realistic, not a Bold Prediction.

Let's take a quick look at last week's Bold Predictions results before moving on to Sunday's game.  I predicted the Jets would shut down the Bills running game to the tune of 35 yards or less.  The Jets did shut down the Bills running game but allowed 67 yards.  No other predictions were close, giving me an ohfer for the week and a grand total of three correct predictions out of 40 on the year.  I'm awesome.   My bonus prediction was the Jets would generate multiple turnovers.  Nope.  Four for eight on bonus predictions this year.   I brought my record to 4-4 in predicting the winner of the game, having correctly predicted a Bills win over the Jets.

Let's see what I can get wrong this week.

Here are my five Bold Predictions for Sunday's game:

1.  The Jets will run all over the Chiefs to the tune of 175 or more rushing yards.

2.  Michael Vick will gain more rushing yards than Jamaal Charles.

3.  The Jets will hold the Chiefs to 60 yards or less on the ground.

4.  Percy Harvin will gain 100+ yards from scrimmage.

5.  Justin Houston will be held sackless.

And a bonus prediction:  Bilal Powell will gain more yards from scrimmage than Chris Johnson.

Final Score:  This game is supposed to be a Chiefs blowout in Kansas City, with the Chiefs favored by double digits.   That's not the way the game is going to go.  This will be a tough, hard fought, grind it out game.  The Jets running game will dominate and will be the difference in a 23-19 Jets win. Jets finally end their losing streak.