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Are The Wheels Falling Off?

More hints at underlying problems.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to last Sunday's game Geno Smith missed a team meeting due to confusion about the time.  After the game DeMario Davis called out his teammates with this quote on team preparation or lack thereof:

I know we’re not practicing like a championship football team, and I take responsibility for that, because I expect guys to do what I do. If we’re not giving effort in practice, that means I’m not giving effort in practice. I feel like film study needs to be increased, and I start with myself. I don’t see a lot of guys putting enough effort into film, so that means I’m not putting enough effort into film. We’ve got work to do to correct it, and I’m going to start with myself.

Then we hear Nick Mangold say this:

It’s just a lack of focus and concentration. Those are things that you can easily control, and we need to do that. Not only do we need to do that on Sundays, but we also need to do that during the week.

Now we hear Michael Vick was unprepared to go in the game Sunday:

Maybe I didn’t prepare or I wasn’t prepared, but I’ll tell you what, it won’t happen again.

I learned a lesson last week: always stay ready, always be prepared. That left a bitter taste in my mouth that I wasn’t able to go out and put points on the board or even help this team in any fashion.

Then there's this tidbit about Antonio Allen: according to the New York Post, Allen was not prepared to be switched back to safety, was not informed the Jets were thinking about the move until it actually happened, and refused to discuss it after the game.  Allen's response:

I think it would be hard for anybody, man. I’m just frustrated. Then, we’re losing, too. There’s just a lot of stuff going on.

Rex Ryan claiming the Wednesday practice was "sluggish":

It’s not as much bounce, and guys with smiles on their faces.  Obviously, it’s a time when we do need to find ways to win. It just seemed a little off today.

Eric Decker on Wednesday's practice:

I guess guys might be sore, kind of tired.  It wasn’t all enthusiastic.

Of course one can make too much about this kind of thing.  What people say and what they do can often be vastly different.   A few choice quotes don't a crisis make.  But sometimes where there's smoke there's fire.  And with a leader of the defense openly calling teammates out, a leader of the offense questioning focus and concentration, one quarterback missing team meetings, the other quarterback unprepared to play, a starting CB/safety being frustrated with being moved around without any prior communication from his defensive coordinator, and multiple sources calling the most recent practice a poor one, there seems to be quite a bit of smoke here.  What do you think?  Is the Jets' house on fire?