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Jets vs. Broncos: Corner Tackling Might Be Tested

Doug Pensinger

One area where the Broncos might test the Jets this Sunday is the ability of their cornerbacks to tackle. Neither Dee Milliner nor Darrin Walls is terribly physical. Walls most notably missed a big tackle two weeks ago on Golden Tate, netting Detroit a big gain. Milliner missed an open field tackle last week. Neither guy seems that comfortable with physical play. Demaryius Thomas is one of the most physical receivers in the league.

He also currently ranks second in the NFL with 218 yards after the catch and third with an average of 10.4 yards after the catch according to Pro Football Focus.

I would expect the Broncos to try and get him the ball quickly and put the Jets' corners to the test. The way the Jets deployed Milliner will leave opportunities. The Chargers rarely tested Dee, but on most plays he was offering a cushion of some significance.

And so on.

Peyton Manning is as good as any quarterback at protecting himself. He has the second lowest rate of being pressured in the league. This has been common through his career. It isn't because he's always had stellar offensive lines. He just knows how to get the ball out quickly.

That said when a defense can get to him, he can be thrown off. There are games where he is hit and gets a little rattled. Up against this Jets defensive line, one way he can avoid this is to get the ball out quickly to Thomas and test a Jets cornerback group that doesn't particularly love to tackle.