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Rex Ryan Admits He Needs To Turn It Around To Save His Job

I'm not even sure this is news, if we keep losing Rex Ryan will lose his job, that's what happens in any professional sport.

Stephen Dunn

A few days ago I asked the question, should we fire Rex Ryan mid-season and most of you agreed that it made no sense to do that at this point in time:

Rex Ryan Poll

On his weekly radio spot with Michael Kay, Rex admitted that he had to do something to turn this team around or he will be fire at the end of the season. It seems as though we are at least in a position where we have told Rex we need to see progression and improvement or else.

You're right, if that's the case and we don't get this thing on the right track, I don't think for a minute I'll be here," Ryan said in his weekly spot on ESPN New York 98.7 FM's "The Michael Kay Show." "I know I won't, but I believe this team will right itself and we'll find a way."

When asked if the form continues as it has during the five games to start the season, would he be fired:

"If the season ended today, you're probably dead on," he said. "There's no 'probably' about it. But the season is far from over and I think we have time to get this going."

Rex Ryan is not the kind of man who will admit defeat, is he as confident in his players as he suggests to the media? I have to believe he's not, but I have no idea, I've never spoken to Rex, as much as I'd love to. However historically, he has relied heavily on the performance of his corners, so even with a full bill of health, I can't imagine he would have been that happy going into the season with Milliner, Walls, Patterson, Wilson and McDougle.

When asked about bouncing back, Rex referred to the rival Patriots as an example to follow:

"They got blown out and they righted the ship," Ryan said. "This will be the same way. I wouldn't be surprised if it's this week against arguably as good a team as there is in the National Football League right now."

When pushed on the comments made by his linebacker Demario Davis, about the team not preparing like a championship team, Rex disagreed:

You'd have to ask Demario about his specific comments, but I disagree. I think this team prepares great,"

Rex Ryan is in a horrible spot, he has two extremely difficult match-ups coming up against the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots and it is very possible and probably very likely, that he ends that spell as the head coach of a 1-6 football team.