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New York Jets Injury Update: Harris, Walls, Decker, Nelson

The Jets survived California without any major problems on the injury front.

Stephen Dunn

We have some good news today, which makes a welcome change after the 31-0 loss to the San Diego Chargers

David Harris had an MRI on his shoulder Monday and the results came back showing no structural damage. Harris although not an elite inside linebacker, is a very important member of this team. He will be day-to-day this week and we'll bring you practice updates as usual. However the good news is he won't require surgery which means he should have a good chance of playing on Sunday. He's a tough guy and I'm sure he'll want to be part of a bounce back this week.

Walls played sparingly on Sunday after injuring his knee on the first series of the game. Although Walls was beaten badly on the play, it looks as though there was no serious damage as he did return to try and play through it. It looks as though he's going to be another player who is day-to-day, however with Milliner back in the fold there is a good chance his snaps would have been seriously reduced anyway.

Eric Decker obviously sat out the game against the Chargers and you could tell with the offensive ineptitude. However with him being a game-time decision and his own comments indicating the hamstring was 100% better than it was the week previous, I would say he is very likely to play this weekend against his old team and he'll be looking to make a statement against them. Of course that will be dependent on a QB actually being able to get him the ball.

David Nelson played a lot of the game, which means he'll likely be out there again against Denver. With his inability to get open consistently, I'm not even sure if that is a good or bad thing. It's hard not to root for David though, especially with all the positive work he has been doing with his charities. I hope he has a break out game, but I just can't see it.