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Geno Smith and Others Miss Team Meeting

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night, Geno Smith and others missed a team meeting. It's reported that Walt Powell was one of the other offenders, but it isn't clear if there were others. Apparently, Smith arrived a few minutes after the meeting ended, in time for two other meetings. Here's the story:

The short version is that the team's meeting was for East Coast time, Smith and the others saw the time on his phone was West Coast time, and got confused. Smith obviously shouldn't be making these mistakes, especially as the leader of the offense. When your teammates are going out of their way to stick up for you, you can't let them down like this. That said, I believe this was an honest mistake and that it won't happen again. It goes without saying that this isn't why the team got utterly destroyed yesterday by the San Diego Chargers.