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Flag On The Play: Jets Fall Apart In California

Do we really have to cover that game this week? Boy was that rough. Lets look at the penalties.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

96 - Muhammad Wilkerson, Neutral Zone Infraction, 5 Yards

60 - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, False Start, 5 Yards

Jets Offence - 12 Men on the Field, 5 Yards

52 - David Harris,  Illegal Contact, 5 Yards

98 - Quinton Coples, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 Yards

58 - Jason Babin, Defensive Holding, 10 yards (Declined)

66 - Willie Colon, False Start, 5 Yards

86 - David Nelson, Offensive Pass Interference, 10 Yards

74 - Nick Mangold, Face Mask, 15 Yards (Declined)

67 - Brian Winters, Unnecessary Roughness, 9 Yards

15 - Saalim Hakim, Unnescessary Roughness, 15 yards

1 - Michael Vick, Intentional Grounding, 17 Yards

66 - Willie Colon, False Start, 5 Yards

1 - Michael Vick, Illegal Forward Pass, 5 Yards

Player Penalties Yards Cost In Total
Darrin Walls 3 56
Willie Colon 6 45
Antonio Allen 3 (1D) 42
Sheldon Richardson 3 (1D) 40
Nick Mangold 2 (1D) 30
Jason Babin 2 (1D) 30
Michael Vick 2 23
D'Brickashaw Ferguson 3 20
Muhammad Wilkerson 2 20
Salim Hakim 2 20
Eric Decker 1 19
Brian Winters 2 19
Breno Giacomini 3 `15
Quinton Coples 1 15
David Nelson 2 15
Lequan Lewis 1 5
Chris Ivory 1 5
Ryan Quigley 1 5
Demario Davis 1 5
David Harris 1 5
Jets Defense 1 5
Jets Offense 1 5

What can you really say about that? It was embarrassing and it was undisciplined. The players were frustrated and from the fans point of view it looked as though they were unprepared. I'm surprised the offensive line didn't get more penalties called against them, but then again, you can't hold what's already past you and in your QB's face. It was just so poor all around, the unnecessary roughness penalties came from the frustration of under-performance, however let me just say that this team carries the traits of its coach, playing on emotion, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it didn't yesterday!

David Harris, Quinton Coples and Michael Vick all make their debuts on the list. Walls avoided a penalty because he wasn't anywhere close to their receivers, but he's still top with 56 yards. Colon added a couple of false start penalties and it really is becoming unacceptable that these concentration issues are putting us in holes. He's on 6 penalties and he should be on 15-20 by the end of the season if he continues to play like this.

All in all this was a terrible game. I'm looking forward to next week and the Bronco's because it can't get much worse, at least I hope.