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Chargers 31 Jets 0: California Nightmaring

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Donald Miralle

The Jets are 1-4. They were annihilated today in San Diego. The Chargers beat them 31-0. They outgained the Jets 439-151, a figure that would have been even more lopsided without a bunch of garbage time yardage for New York. The Jets averaged an incredible 1.8 yards per passing play. Even by the low bar Jets history has set, this was one of the worst performances in franchise history.

Join me below to relive the agony.

The Bad:

Antonio Allen: He was toasted twice by Antonio Gates for touchdowns. When the Jets have blitzes that get to the quarterback, the inability to cover for two to three seconds is just a killer. Both touchdowns looked easy because Allen allowed so much separation in such a short time. Are the Jets just supposed to not blitz? The Jets seem to be doing their best to find Allen a role, but he might not have a future as anything more than a part-time player. He might be the least effective defensive back in coverage in the NFL so far in 2014.

Darrin Walls: Walls' lack of physicality, ball skills, and instincts were on display today. The Chargers seemed to make a point of going after him early, and there was a completion whenever they wanted one.

Kyle Wilson: Wilson has been a good nickel back and fairly underappreciated the last few years, but he has had a really rough 2014. He got caught up in traffic for one big gain. He let Eddie Royal get behind him on a critical third down play when Philip Rivers just threw one up.

Front Seven Against the Run: These guys got moved on too many important plays. Guys weren't setting the edge. One of the least effective rushing teams in the league ran for 162 yards on the Jets today.

Demario Davis: He left his zone on Branden Oliver's 50 yard checkdown reception because he didn't think a back would slip out there. Things didn't work too well.

Calvin Pryor: More bad angles this week and a missed tackle at the goal line.

Chris Johnson: Not only was he ineffective again as a runner, he fumbled the ball on the Jets side of the field.

Offensive Line: It was another affair filled with penalties and missed block. Not that Geno Smith or Michael Vick were very good, but it is really difficult to play quarterback with that kind of pressure up the middle so frequently.

Jets Receivers: You could probably count on one hand the number of times somebody got any kind of separation before the game got out of hand.

Geno Smith: It's totally inaccurate to say the Jets' offensive problems are all Geno Smith's fault. It was a week ago. It was two weeks ago. Today the supporting cast put him in a difficult spot. It would be just as inaccurate to say Geno's play is not a major problem. He isn't putting the ball on the money. His bad footwork is taking away any chance of making plays that are there. He's just a mess right now at quarterback.

Michael Vick: Vick didn't look all that different from Geno. He was crumbling under pressure and throwing inaccurate balls as well.

The Good:

Sheldon Richardson: He was a force as a pass rusher. He registered a sack. He drew a holding penalty that negated a touchdown. He got into Rivers' face a couple of more times.

Calvin Pace: He registered a pair of sacks. This was not the double digit mirage of cover sacks from last year either. This looked like the good Pace of his early Jets days. He even threw a spin move.

Phillip Adams: That interception was pretty nice. He was in perfect coverage and showed good ball skills.

Dee Milliner: We will have to watch the film because it seems entirely possible the Chargers never tested him because they were having so much success everywhere else. That said, San Diego didn't get much of anything against him.

There isn't much left to be said at this point. Peyton Manning and the Broncos await. That should be fun.

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