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Jets vs. Chargers Final Score: San Diego Wins 31-0

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

At one point during the second half I muttered to myself, "This is what they looked like in the Kotite days."

I have watched some dismal Jets performances in the last two decades plus, and that might have been in the top five. The Jets lost to the Chargers 31-0 today today in San Diego. They are 1-4, and I think it would be fair to say the wheels are officially falling off. They did not even run an offensive play in San Diego territory until well into the fourth quarter. Everything went wrong. People didn't execute. The team was undisciplined. Players lost their composure. Efforts like this get people fired. I was expecting the Jets to get blown out today, but somehow the degree to which they were destroyed surprised me.

At this point the entire organization should be on notice, and changes should come if the Jets do not start to show signs of life this season.

Make no mistake. That starts with the general manager who put this abomination on the field. We heard plenty from him about how the secondary would be fine. When blitzes are getting there, and the back of the defense cannot cover for three seconds without letting guys break wide open, that's on him. Are the Jets supposed to not blitz?

You can say this is part of a long-term vision. There is no way you can convince me any competent plan to build a team long-term looks like this in year two. It is very difficult to trust a general manager's long-term judgment when that same judgment produced a quarterback who has fallen apart like this early in his second season. Or the judgment that giving players like Greg Salas starting roles was a sound move to help the development of this quarterback. Or Chris Johnson. Or about ten other things I could point to.

I certainly won't let the coaching staff off the hook. The team looked unprepared. The team lost its composure. The team was undisciplined.

If this continues, I think Woody Johnson should start fresh and cut a check to bring in a proven winner. This is a mess right now.

The official recap will be up later with more thoughts on this.