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Jets @ Chargers Game Day Forecast

Sunny, warm and dry in Southern California. So what else is new?

Ron Antonelli

The Jets will be in sunny San Diego today, where it never rains.  I sometimes wonder if weathermen get bored in San Diego, where you can basically just slip in a recording of the same forecast most days of the year.  Anyway, as always in Southern California it will be warm, dry and sunny on Sunday.  Game time temperatures will hover in the low to mid 80's with low humidity, winds from the west at 5-10 mph, and a near zero chance of precipitation.   The temperatures will be a bit warm for football, particularly for a northeastern team like the Jets, so weather conditions could play a role in the game.  Dehydration and cramping could pose some minor problems.  Enjoy the game everyone.  Hopefully there will be a win to celebrate by 7:30 PM or so EDT.