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What Bold Decision Should the Jets Make?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As I have to do every week, it's time to answer a Marshall Faulk question.

I can't possibly think of anything controversial. Can you?

Of course the answer is make a quarterback change and insert Michael Vick into the starting lineup.

The reasons are these:

  • Probably the biggest reason is the coaching staff doesn't seem to have a ton of confidence in Geno Smith right now. They might say they do, but their game plans suggest otherwise. The Jets have to be perfect in a number of areas to win playing like that. There is another option with a history of success running this offense.
  • Folks out there who disagree are talking about Geno Smith's development. I see a quarterback out there unsure of his reads playing with zero confidence. Is it better for his development to keep going out there and having frustrating results or to take a step back.
  • Folks out there also say you couldn't go back to Geno if he failed. Drew Brees, Phil Simms, and any number of other successful quarterbacks who were benched early in their careers suggest otherwise.
  • Geno frankly hasn't shown much tangible progress from last season. For all of the talk about how his mechanics are better, particularly his footwork, the Jets are taking an inordinate number of their snaps from the shotgun. For all of the talk about how comfortable he is with the offense, he's on pace for even more turnovers than a year ago. We would be having a different discussion if he looked like he was progressing in a meaningful way.
  • Folks say this isn't all the quarterback's fault. That is completely accurate. Does that really matter? It definitely is a problem right now, and it's one of the few spots where the Jets do have a proven credible alternative. What can the Jets do at wide receiver? Play Saalim Hakim more? What can they do at corner? Active LeQuan Lewis? Here there is actually a viable option.
  • Finally folks ask how we know Vick will be better. They say he might be just as bad. Frankly, that's possible. Vick is an aging guy with warts in his game. That isn't really the point, though. The Jets aren't getting what they need from the quarterback position. If nothing else Vick does have a track record of success and could potentially turn things around. This team also needs a spark. Nothing can change the dynamics of a team like a quarterback change that results in improved play. It's probably the biggest card Rex Ryan has left to play, and this is the time. If this thing spirals any further, it will be too late.

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