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New York Jets Historic Ineptitude

How bad is this Jets team? Really, really bad. We're talking historically bad, on an epic scale.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are a bad team.  There are few holdouts who think otherwise at this point.  But how bad are they?  As it turns out, if things don't get turned around in the second half, we all could be witnessing history this year, that's how bad this team is.

The Jets' defense has generated 3 turnovers this year, on pace for 6 turnovers.  That would be the lowest total in NFL history, by a wide margin.  The lowest total coming into this season was 11.  The Jets defense has all of one interception this year, on pace for two.  No NFL team has ever recorded less than four interceptions in a season.  The Jets defense has allowed a passer rating against of 113.5.  No team in NFL history has ever allowed a passer rating that high.  Tip of the cap to Broadway Jose for pointing that one out.

Those are the NFL records the Jets are threatening.  Then there are the franchise records.  The Jets defense is currently last in the NFL in points allowed per game.  The only Jets team that finished this low in the points allowed standings were the 3-11 1975 Jets.  Not even the Kotite Jets teams were this bad defensively.  The Jets are last in the NFL in turnover differential.  The last Jets team to accomplish that feat?  The 1-15 1996 Kotite Jets. The Jets are the worst team in the NFL in generating turnovers on defense, and are the worst team in the NFL in turning the ball over on offense.  Not even the Kotite Jets accomplished that impressive double whammy.  No Jets team ever has.

This offense ranks dead last in the NFL in turnovers, yards per play, yards per game, yards per pass attempt, and passer rating.  Not even the Kotite Jets offenses accomplished that. No Jets team ever has.

The Jets franchise is a storied one for ineptitude.  This team once went 11 straight years without a single winning record, from 1970 through 1980, and they went another 10 years, from 1987 through 1996, with just a single winning record of 8-7-1.  This franchise has never won more than 12 games and only won more than 10 games four times in 54 years, while losing more than 10 games 10 times.  This franchise has only had 18 winning seasons in 54 years.   Yet through all those years, through all that losing, this franchise has never fielded a team quite as inept as this 2014 Jets team in many respects.  Folks, you are witnessing history here.  This is as bad as it gets.  This is as bad as it has ever gotten.  For all those holdouts who still believe in Rex and/or Idzik, you have to ask yourself, if historically bad isn't enough to get a franchise's leaders fired, what is?