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Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets: Offensive Snap Counts

The Jets moved to 1-7 yesterday with an embarrassing home loss to the Buffalo Bills. We'll take a look at who played and how often on the offensive side of the football.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I only caught the highlights yesterday due to being in London for the Lions/Falcons game, so I'll be torturing myself tonight by watching the game in full. I'll be doing most of my coverage posts tomorrow, but thought I would get the snap counts up nice and early today. Hopefully there are more Jets fans still reading about this game than the amount of fans left in the stands towards the end of the 4th quarter yesterday.

Player Position Snaps % Of Offensive Snaps
D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT 84 100%
Oday Aboushi OG 84 100%
Nick Mangold C 84 100%
Willie Colon OG 84 100%
Breno Giacomini OT 84 100%
Eric Decker WR 75 89%
Michael Vick QB 73 87%
Jeremy Kerley WR 62 74%
Jeff Cumberland TE 57 68%
Jace Amaro TE 54 64%
Percy Harvin WR 44 52%
Chris Ivory RB 39 46%
Bilal Powell RB 22 26%
Chris Owusu WR 20 24%
Chris Johnson RB 16 19%
T.J Graham WR 14 17%
John Conner FB 12 14%
Geno Smith QB 11 13%
Zach Zudfeld TE 5 6%

Like I said, I haven't seen the game in full so I won't go into much detail here, but will be interested to hear your thoughts. Amaro was up from 38% against the Patriots to 64% against the Bills. Chris Johnson saw his snaps half going from 40% to 19%. Obviously Geno was pulled early after looking truly horrendous. Chris Owusu got some snaps and Percy Harvin probably played more than I'd expect.

Still, I look at this roster and I can't help but be disappointed with how it's been created. Offensive line looks poor, Chris Johnson seems to have been a mistake and there just doesn't look to be much structure. We don't seem to either sign players who fit out philosophy or tailor or offensive philosophy to the players we have. In short we're 1-7 for a reason and there is a very real possibility that we end this season 1-15.