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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 8

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Doing the anti-game ball series, there are two things I attempt to avoid. I try not to give it to the quarterback after a loss whenever possible. It seems too obvious. I also try to avoid giving it to the same player too often.

This really is impossible this week. The anti-game ball can only go to one player, Geno Smith. How can you not give it to the quarterback who attempted 8 passes, gained 5 yards, completed 2, had 3 intercepted, and was pulled from the game in the first quarter? This is a quarterback who completed more passes to opponents than his own team. He was making bad reads. His throws were wildly inaccurate.

Unfortunately Geno must get my anti-game ball this week. Who gets yours? Do you agree? Is there somebody else who has earned the honor?

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