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Bills 43 Jets 23: A New Low

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets fell to 1-7 today as the Bills came into the Meadowlands and crushed them by a 43-23 score. The Jets have lost 7 in a row. The opening win over Oakland seems like a distant memory. With three extra days to prepare for a home game against a division rival, the Jets got run out of their own building. It was ugly. Join me below as we relive the agony.

The Bad:

Geno Smith: I have been watching the Jets for a long time. Because of this I like to imagine I have something of a PhD in studying bad quarterback play. I missed Browning Nagle, but I have seen the likes of Jack Trudeau, Bubby Brister, Frank Reich, Glenn Foley, Rick Mirer, Quincy Carter, Brooks Bollinger, Kellen Clemens, and Mark Sanchez start games for the Jets. I have seen Vinny Testaverde when he was really off.

I don't think I've ever seen as bad of a quarterbacking performance as Geno Smith put on today. He threw 8 passes. They netted 5 yards. 2 were completions. 3 were interceptions. In the first quarter his head coach had no choice but to pull him.

Geno didn't look like he knew up from down. He didn't seem to be able to identify the coverages the Bills were playing. His throws were all over the place. He had no sense of timing. There was one time he even tried to force a ball to a covered checkdown receiver. This was as bad as it gets.

Michael Vick: Vick fumbled 4 times and threw an interception. And he was the BETTER of the two Jets quarterbacks in this game. For a few brief moments, Vick seemed to spark some life into the Jets offense. They put up 17 second quarter points and trailed at halftime by only a touchdown. Vick was finding and hitting open targets, and he was making plays with his legs to extend drives. He actually led the Jets with 69 rushing yards.

The second half was a different story. His throws were erratic, and his pocket presence was lacking. The Jets fell out of the game, and the offense couldn't muster anything until garbage time. More than that, he failed to protect the football.

Darrin Walls: Sammy Watkins could get open deep on Walls seemingly whenever he wanted. It appeared that Walls was the primary cover man on a pair of Buffalo passing touchdowns.

Antonio Allen: Allen appeared to be the culprit on two more Buffalo touchdowns.

Offensive Line: Too many penalties, and too many blown assignments. I know the quarterbacks aren't making life easy on the men up front, but there seem to be real issues communicating on blitzes and passing off rushers.

Thomas McGauhey: I could probably put the entire coaching staff in this column, but the special teams coach is going to get special mention for that play when they had the guy lie down in the end zone and had Percy Harvin run it out from eight yards deep. I don't like the criticize the X's and O's of professionals. They know the game far better than me. With that said, how the heck did they think that play would ever work?

Ryan Quigley: Only a 36.8 average today on 5 punts.

Calvin Pryor: It was garbage time, but he took another bad angle that turned yet another big play into a touchdown that shouldn't have been.

Jeremy Kerley: He had a couple of drops today and only caught a pair of passes.

The Good:

Quinton Coples: Coples had a big game today. He posted 7 tackles to go with 1.5 sacks. He got into the Buffalo backfield multiple times and created problems.

Sheldon Richardson: He added another half a sack to his season tally and blew up a few run plays on his way to 9 tackles.

David Harris: A team leading 10 tackles as Buffalo ran for just over 2 yards per carry.

Percy Harvin: He wasn't that much of a factor when the Jets sent him on routes as a conventional receiver, but he did breathe a little life into the offense when they found ways to get him the ball and let him run.

Nick Folk: At the time that 55 yard field goal felt like a big kick.

It's ugly. The wheels are off. The Jets are going to be lucky to win 5 games this year. Still we have half a season to go. Hopefully things can get a little better before they get even worse.