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Jets vs. Bills Final Score: Jets Lose 43-23

Al Bello

To those who only thought the Jets were on a losing streak because they ran into a stretch of good quarterbacks, today was likely a painful wake up call. I think you were among the last holdouts to a painful realization. The New York Jets are one of the worst teams in the National Football League.

In today's 43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills to drop the Jets to 1-7 the roof caved in on almost every talking point this front office has spun to deny the obvious. They said Geno Smith was improving. They acted like Geno was a guy to build around. They acted like he only needed weapons. They said cornerback wasn't an issue. They claimed this team is moving in the right direction.

Geno was the worst player on the field today. He completed more passes to the Bills than he did to the Jets. Michael Vick came in and sparked some life into this offense, but Vick is no genuine answer. He's a stopgap who can light a spark over a short stretch. Around halftime midnight struck, and Vick turned back into a pumpkin.

While they lost primarily due to the quarterback, this was a team effort, the type of lousy team effort you would expect from a lousy team.

We see plenty of talk about which person deserves the blame. Is it John Idzik? Is it Rex Ryan? Is it Geno Smith? It might be true that some might be more to blame than others, but let's acknowledge something. All are responsible, and all need to go.

I won't tell you to root against the Jets the rest of the way. I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to that no matter the circumstances.

I also won't tell you to not go to games. It can be a fun experience, and you're sure to find tickets for really cheap the rest of the way. If you are a family on a budget, this might be a rare chance to take your kids to an NFL game for an affordable price. I have a lot of great memories as a kid getting taken to watch the Kotite teams get their butts kicked. Heck, I might even look for some cheap tickets and go to a game or two.

I will say this, though. The only way to get the owner's attention and force a necessary house cleaning might be beatings like this in front of half filled stands the rest of the way. This is an utter disaster, and seeing it so vividly might give him the push he needs to make the necessary housecleaning.

Mourn below. The official recap will be up later.