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Report: New York Jets and Muhammad Wilkerson Not Close to Deal

According to Jason Cole, don't hold your breath.

Ron Antonelli

There is a report out today from Jason Cole that the New York Jets are not close to a deal yet with DE Muhammad Wilkerson on an extension. Obviously, this is going to create a great deal of consternation among fans who want to see the team's best player locked up long-term. According to Cole, the team is looking to give Wilkerson money in the range of what St. Louis Rams DE Robert Quinn received, which was a six-year, $65.6 million deal that had $41.2 million in guarantees. That isn't enough in guarantees for Wilkerson, according to Cole.

Since the team has Wilkerson locked up for the next two years, due to a one-year option and the ability to franchise him, they aren't in a rush to give Wilkerson more money than he would otherwise be due. Obviously, Wilkerson wants his pay day. The team has been saving up for when this day occurs, but they naturally aren't willing to give it all to just one player, when the team is more than one player away from a championship.


At this point, I would take any such leaks with a grain of salt. This is almost certainly information coming from Wilkerson's agent who is trying to increase his leverage by gaining fan sympathy. It simply isn't a headline that the team itself would want out there, that they're being cheap, so the source, just using common sense, is nearly guaranteed to be coming from Wilkerson's camp. That doesn't mean he's upset or dissatisfied with the team, just that he's playing it smart by trying to increase his leverage.


It also doesn't mean that the team will not eventually come to an agreement with Wilkerson. I would put good money (although perhaps not Robert Quinn money) on it happening. Wilkerson is just too good and too team-friendly for them to just let him go into the wilderness of free agency. You can count on it happening, but maybe just not this minute. After all, what's the rush?