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Jeremy Kerley and Percy Harvin Can Play Together

Al Bello

I have noticed some surprise that the Jets extended Jeremy Kerley's contract just days after acquiring Percy Harvin. Harvin is mainly known as a slot receiver. So is Kerley. Can both fit together? Absolutely. This adds to the number of personnel groupings the Jets can put on the field. That makes this offense more difficult to stop.

You'll have formations where there is more than one player in a slot position.


But it's a mistake to peg Percy as a pure slot receiver. You can move him all over the place. The idea is to vary where you put him all over the field to create openings for him. You also move him all over the place looking to create mismatches.

You can line him up in the backfield.


Move one of those receivers into the slot, and Kerley fits on this play.

You can also line Percy up on the outside.


Again just change your personnel grouping and stick Kerley in the slot. Is Percy going to be a great outside guy? Probably not, but you can throw him screens. Defenses have to respect his speed if you send him down the field.

And more than that, you can build off this. Stick him on the outside and Kerley in the slot. Then when the time is right, move Percy into the slot. The defense might end up with an outside corner assigned to Percy who gets caught in an unfamiliar position. He has to defend a Harvin in the middle of the field where he's at his most dangerous when the defender is used to having the sideline to help him. This is one way you use him to create mismatches. Having Kerley helps to do this because a Kerley in the slot allows you to move Percy more. Harvin doesn't need to spend all day in the slot because you have that spot covered..

I think as Jets fans we have become so accustomed to offenses lacking any sort of playmaking ability that we almost feel guilty about having a lot of quality weapons. Having a lot of guys who can produce is a good thing. It varies what the offense can do.