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Jeremy Kerley Signs Four Year Extension

Jim Rogash

Many people assumed the signing of Percy Harvin meant that Jeremy Kerley was on the outs. After all, both play the slot position. However, that appears not to be the case:

We do not have the terms yet, but it appears that John Idzik is finally ponying up the dough and beginning a few extensions that must happen. Next up is surely Muhammad Wilkerson. As we've said, the team has kept a good amount of its money to keep its core players around.


Although Kerley started the season off well, he's been in a minor slump lately. This may be a case of buying low, although we'll know for sure once we see the terms. My rough guess is $3-4 million per year. For the foreseeable future, the New York Jets have Eric Decker, Harvin, and Kerley locked up. We'll update you once we have the terms.

UPDATE: Pretty close to my guess. That's very low in guarantees though. Nice work, Idzik.