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Geno Smith On Acquiring Percy Harvin

Now I haven't really spoken about the trade yet, mainly because everyone else has done such a great job covering it. However as soon as I heard the news that we had acquired Percy, I text a friend of mine this exact message "Who's the happiest person on the planet right now?", the simple reply was "Geno Smith".

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We've spoken in depth about Percy Harvin and the enormous amount of talent he possesses. How he is going to help in several areas and how he makes the Jets a better team. How financially, this isn't as big a risk as some will have you believe, but it's also not a small gamble as others would suggest. We've spoken about the character issues and the problems he experienced in Seattle. We've heard about how he had a tussle with Golden Tate and how he had become frustrated with his role in the offense. How he failed a drugs test pre-draft and how John Idzik believes this was a value trade worth making.

After all of that, I wanted to hear what Geno Smith had to say about this trade. After all, he is probably the person who's going to benefit the most from a player who can take a 2 yard pass and turn it into a 60 yard gain. Harvin wants to get down-field more, and I have a feeling he'll get that chance with the Jets. However he'll certainly be getting targets behind the line too. This morning i spotted an article from Newsday that had a few quotes from Geno on Harvin.

"He's got speed; he's a versatile player, he can play out of the backfield," Smith said. "You can get that guy out in space and he'll make some guys miss . . . And to get a guy like him and put him on our offense I think is going to make us all better."

I agree. Geno has a lot of improving to do, but he has one reliable target in Eric Decker. Now with Percy Harvin, he has two legitimate star receivers in this league, or at least two players who can make things happen if their quarterback delivers the ball accurately and on time. Geno is now running out of excuses, if he continues to fail then the bigger questions are going to be asked.

We're working on it," Smith said of the timing between himself and Harvin. "For the most part, I think things are good. We're both professional athletes, so we're expected to go out there and get the timing down. We'll continue to practice and get better with it throughout the week, and come Sunday, I think the timing will be fine."

The timing is always an issue with any new combination. However with more reps, the timing will eventually come. Will it be perfect when we face Buffalo? absolutely not. It may not be perfect this season, but it should be to a point where plays can be made.

"Stuff like that happens in every locker room," Smith said. "You've got to just be able to, I would say, 'manage it.' You've got to be able to manage it, and in this locker room, we don't have those problems. We don't have any issues. I'm not sure what went on down there, but we welcome him in with open arms and we look forward to having him here for a long time."

I wcompletely agree with Geno here. Tensions run high and some players just don't mesh with certain locker rooms, and it can be for any number of reasons. However if you introduce a player to a locker room that is a tight knit bunch, it's not a foreign concept that the player inherits the attitude of the locker room. I'm all for new beginnings and second chances for people who have committed minor offenses, like fighting with a team mate. When you're as offensively inept as the Jets, you are willing to take on a lot more.

"We're going to help him get caught up to speed and go out there and play freely," Smith said. "We want him to play fast."