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John Idzik on Percy Harvin Trade

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

John Idzik addressed the media today on the Percy Harvin trade. Here are some of the key points.

Based on what I've heard from a number of places, I'm pretty confident in saying there were serious issues with Harvin in Seattle. I'm not really sure it would be possible to find a place less stable currently than the Jets. That's how things are when a team is out of the Playoff hunt before the World Series starts, and everybody knows the coach is probably going to get fired.

This doesn't mean the experiment is necessarily doomed from the outset, though. Some players take to certain groups of people no matter how things appear on the outside. It's entirely possible Harvin will take to the Jets culture.

Ultimately this is a high reward situation. On paper Harvin's skillset meshes perfectly with a lot of things the Jets need. He could potentially change the offense.

Is this the low risk situation people are portraying it to be? It is not. Think of it this way. No matter how much cap space you have, $6.5 million is an awful lot to spend on 9 meaningless games. Because that money is tied up, it's a good player you now cannot sign or perhaps a few role players. You really can't throw that away in anything other than an extreme failure so this is probably going to last through 2015 at least. That means the Jets are likely sinking $17 million and a fourth round pick into Percy over the next year and a half. This is a hefty investment.  Maybe they'll renegotiate the deal to bring the number down. Maybe they won't. To give Percy an incentive, that might mean actually guaranteeing money in future years so $17 million is going to end up being in the ballpark no matter what happens.

Now it's true the Jets can walk away from Percy at any time without any additional dead money going against the cap. This is a good thing, and it does lessen the risk. But this fact alone does not make it a no risk deal. The Jets are parting with substantial resources. If this thing works out, great. If not, it will hurt. It's probably moderate risk, high reward.

Given what we know and the skills Harvin can bring to the table, I tend to think this is a risk worth taking. I still have this sinking feeling that had the Jets played their cards smarter in the offseason they might be in the AFC East mix right now, and we're talking about Harvin as the final piece to make this team a legitimate championship contender. Alas.