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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 7

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Jets lose so much, the anti-game ball has become a weekly tradition here on GGN.

This week we go back to a man who received the prize a couple of weeks back, Antonio Allen. New England beat Allen for a pair of touchdowns Thursday night. The first was on a busted coverage where he was supposed to have the deep zone but wasn't aware Shane Vereen was breaking deep and let him go. On the second he was beaten soundly by Danny Amendola.

Allen has now allowed 5 touchdowns in coverage according to Pro Football Focus. That is tied for the most in the league for safeties and cornerbacks. He has allowed 399 yards in coverage. Only five cornerbacks and no safeties have surrendered more.

It hasn't really mattered whether Allen has played corner or safety. Defenses have been exposing his limitations in coverage in a big way. Because of this he sadly has added another anti-game ball to his collection.

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