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Percy Harvin: Sweeping With Percy

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Note: I'd like to thank the staff at GGN for stepping up this week. In case you didn't notice, I have been absent the past few days because my grandfather passed away Monday morning. He was a big football fan and all around great guy. I gave his eulogy so all of my writing this week was focused on that, and travel and time with family left little time for GGN. I saw I got a couple of e-mails this week so if you did drop me a line I'll do my best to respond.


While I think in the big picture, the trade for Percy Harvin might raise as many questions about John Idzik's long-term strategy as it answers, the addition of Harvin could also potentially add a dimension the team has been lacking forever, and I'm excited about it. A few weeks back, I wrote about how nothing comes easy for the Jets offense. One of the big problems on the roster was the lack of big play potential on offense, defense, and special teams forcing the offense to put together too many long drives to score. Harvin's speed and play making ability can help to remedy this.

Harvin is a bit of an unconventional receiver. He isn't really a guy you stick across from Eric Decker as much as he's a guy you move around trying to draw the attention of the defense and create potential mismatches. You also want to get him the football in space. How can the Jets utilize him? It depends on how creative Marty Mornhinweg can get.

We will probably spend a bunch of time talking about this, but for the time being, here is one way the Jets can utilize him, your basic fly sweep.

It's pretty simple. Harvin comes in motion, gets a handoff as he passes the quarterback, and tries to get to the outside as quickly as he can and turn the corner. The general idea is getting the fastest player on the field the ball while he has a full head of steam. He's already in full stride at the snap because he's coming in motion while the defense is stationary.

The Jets have a lot of big receivers they can use to block and seal the perimeter on plays like this such as Eric Decker, David Nelson, and Jace Amaro.

You can run this a couple of times a game and build off it. There can be an option for Geno Smith to keep it if the defense overpursues. Having a guy like Harvin opens things up for an offense.