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Some Thoughts on Percy Harvin

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I have to tell you, I love the trade for Percy Harvin. It's a little late in the season, but the team will have plenty of time to evaluate Geno Smith, Harvin, and decide whether or not they want to keep him around next year. It's a relatively low-risk trade, as the worst case scenario is that the New York Jets cut Harvin at the end of the season, and all they've really lost is (likely) a fourth round pick. Judging from Jalen Saunders, that pick would probably have been wasted anyway. I would also like to gauge reactions if Harvin was traded to literally any other team for a fourth round pick. We'd rightfully be screaming for John Idzik's head for not getting Harvin.

My first thought was that Smith now has his Tavon Austin, times roughly one hundred. With how much we've criticized the team's wide receivers, such as David Nelson, Greg Salas, and T.J. Graham, it's hard to complain about a guy who should have won last year's Super Bowl MVP for only a fourth rounder. Now the "no weapons" excuse for Smith is, I think, out the window. He has some serviceable threats. He needs to perform. They have the mini-bye to teach Harvin some plays and get him ready for the Buffalo Bills and a weaker second half schedule. After that, it's go time. No more excuses, let's see what he can do.

I also think we need to be hesitant to trust any report of Harvin being a head case. Yesterday, he was a saint and everybody in Seattle was singing his praises. Now, he's a whackjob. Uh huh, okay. I have zero doubts that they wouldn't be saying that if the trade wasn't to the Jets. His teammates' shock and anger about the trade tells me everything I need to know. Furthermore, Nelson went to college with Harvin, and Breno Giacomini played with him last season. It's not like the team doesn't know who they're getting. If there's anyone that should be criticized right now, it isn't the Jets. It's the Seattle Seahawks, who traded a first, third, and seventh rounder for Harvin, and then gave him a $67 million contract, with $25.5M guaranteed. But they won the Super Bowl (with the significant help of Harvin), so they can't be criticized. They're fast approaching Bill Belichick "can't do anything wrong" territory.

Like I said, this is a good move. It's certainly confusing, as nobody really knows what made the deal happen, but the fact is, the Jets got better today, and for a very little price tag. We always scream that the team doesn't have anyone that makes defensive coordinators nervous. Harvin is that guy. He's a playmaker on a team sorely lacking them. I'm sure many of you will disagree in the comments below.