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Percy Harvin Trade and Contract Details

Tales of locker room tension emerge from Seattle...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

New Jets wide receiver Percy Harvin will cost New York somewhere between a second and a fourth round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, with the fourth rounder being the floor deal if Harvin doesn't live up to expectations. There's no word yet on which benchmarks Harvin must clear in order to elevate the pick to a third or second rounder. Harvin's value will be determined by performance, not health.

Our friends at have a breakdown of Harvin's contract. Harvin had guaranteed money due this year but Seattle was forced to eat that along with prorated money already paid to Harvin when they traded him to the Jets. Harvin has 0 guaranteed dollars on his contract after 2014. Harvin's base salaries and cap numbers for the rest of his contract are as follows:

2014: $11 million base. ADJUSTED to 7,117,648 USD in 2014 after Seattle eats the guaranteed money.

2015: $10.5 million base.

2016: $9.9 million base.

2017: $9.95 million base.

2018: $11.15 million base.

Although Harvin's contract seems staggering on paper (and it is, it's valued at over 40 million dollars for a guy who has never really performed like NFL teams thought he might), it is worth noting that the Jets can easily cut ties with Harvin at any time without any sort of financial penalty. The only risk the Jets face at this point is that Harvin plays well in New York, leaving the team out of a 2015 draft pick with value upwards to a 2nd round pick.

Reactions were quick and varied throughout the NFL and sports media. Players seem disappointed. Seattle reportedly has unofficially said they were giving Harvin what he wanted. Sports pundits and NFL analysts are largely praising the Seahawks and criticizing the Jets for the trade. There are conflicting (and not substantiated, for what it's worth) claims from reporters that Harvin was (or was not) a character problem on and off the field.

Marshawn Lynch expressed disappointment on Twitter. Can't embed due to expletives.

Jeff's Take:

My personal reaction is that this is a bit late in the season to make an impact. Even if Percy Harvin is fantastic, he can't reverse the teams six losses. I said it before; this move (obviously) has Idzik's prints all over it. Either he felt the heat indirectly from the media, or Woody Johnson saw his team narrowly lose to a good team and internal discussions brought this move about.

Whether Harvin's salary is guaranteed or not, that is still a VERY steep price to pay for a receiver who has never been consistent or healthy. Harvin is undeniably naturally talented, and his rushing ability offers adaptability that would fit nicely on the Jets offense. But riddle me this, Idzik. If DeSean Jackson and all of the other players you whiffed passed on in the 2014 offseason were not "wise investments", why in the world would a person who hasn't performed with a similar salary that costs you at the very least a 4th round pick to acquire be a good investment?

I would call this move "medium-risk." Guaranteed or not, the Jets will be paying Harvin a boatload of cash week to week, far more than he has earned on the field. At the very least, the Jets are out of a mid-round pick. IF Harvin plays well, the Jets will miss out on an early round player next year. Also, the media will be holding Harvin and the Jets under a magnifying glass for at least the rest of the 2014 season.

To me the move makes sense on both sides. The Jets are so woefully thin at WR that if Harvin had one leg he'd probably still be an upgrade over David Nelson, and if they don't like him for any reason they can cut him loose. Seattle is out of their least productive per-catch receiver and has recouped something minimal against the losses incurred when they traded for him.

You got what you were clamoring for. Idzik made a move. Now that he has and we know the details, do you agree with the trade?