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NY Jets @ NE Patriots: Offensive Snap Counts

We look at who played for the Jets on the offensive side of the ball last night and how often.

Jim Rogash

It was good to see Oday Aboushi come in and outside the penalty that negated a touchdown, actually perform OK. Decker looks to be close to 100% and I thought he gave Revis a fair few problems last night, he wasn't found as much as he probably could have been, but he still finished as the teams top receiver.

Lets have a look:

Player Position Snaps % of Offensive Snaps
D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT 87 100%
Oday Aboushi OG 87 100%
Nick Mangold C 87 100%
Willie Colon OG 87 100%
Breno Giacomini OT 87 100%
Geno Smith QB 86 99%
Jeff Cumberland TE 72 89%
Eric Decker WR 65 75%
David Nelson WR 63 72%
Jeremy Kerley WR 51 59%
Chris Ivory RB 43 49%
Chris Johnson RB 33 40%
Jace Amaro TE 33 38%
T.J Graham WR 22 25%
Bilal Powell RB 12 14%
John Connor FB 12 14%
Zach Sudfeld TE 10 11%
Salim Hakim WR 7 8%
Michael Vick QB 4 5%
Sheldon Richardson DE/FB 1 1%
Walt Powell WR 1 1%

I just realized that I missed Sheldon Richardson on the defensive article because he was listed in with the offense this week, just for the record, Richardson played 81% of the defensive snaps. I look through this list and the big thing that jumps out is Amaro is back below 40% after being closer to 60% against the Denver Broncos. It's a shame as I thought that would be the springboard for him. Cumberland notched a TD which is great, but I think this was a chance to really get Amaro going and seeing him on 38% and Cumberland on 89% is disappointing. At least to me anyway.

Overall though, I look at this and it's not really that hard to see why we;re 1-6. This is an offense who lacks severe talent outside of Decker, Ivory, Mangold and to an extent Amaro, Ferguson and Kerley. However this is who we're rolling with this year and we just have to accept it.