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Jets @ Patriots Game Day Forecast

It's gonna be a wet one in Foxboro.

Ron Antonelli

The Jets will be in Massachusetts, home of the Adams boys and cradle of the American Revolution tonight.  Kickoff at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro is scheduled for around 8:30 pm EDT.   Game time temperatures will hover in the mid 60's with near 100% humidity, winds from the southeast at 5-10 mph, and a near 100% chance of precipitation.   It will be raining throughout the game, and the rain will be heavy at times.  This is going to be a muddy, messy, sloppy field.   Perhaps it will hold down the passing games and favor the team with the power back who can grind out the yards in the inclement weather.  That would be Chris Ivory and the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.  Enjoy the game everyone.  Hopefully we can all enjoy a glimpse of sulky Tom Brady right around 11:30 PM or so.